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FDM Technology, invented by Stratasys, builds professional-quality models, prototypes and parts in a range of production-grade thermoplastics. It is easy to use, reliable, clean and office friendly.

What file format do I need to process a part for my FDM system?+
What is the best resolution FDM systems can achieve?+
What tolerances can FDM parts hold?+
What materials work with FDM 3D Printers?+
Do FDM 3D printers work with translucent materials?+
Does Stratasys offer FDA approved materials?+
Does Stratasys offer certified materials for aerospace?+
Where can I get a sample or benchmark part?+
Where can I get a prototype or small quantity of parts produced without purchasing a 3D printer?+
Can I print a model with multiple colors?+
Can I print hollow or partially filled models for cost or weight reduction?+

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