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    Maximum Versatility and Professional Grade Performance

    Do you need to make realistic dental models with accurate color and lifelike textures?  Stratasys multi-material dental 3D printers offer the perfect solution for dental labs of all sizes.  With three options for build size and a variety of material options to choose from, Objet Dental 3D Printers help you to produce the dental guides and models you need. And with the largest build tray available among dental printers, you can reduce your operating costs while growing your business.

    Objet Dental 3D Printer Family Features:

    Multi-color, multi-material technology - Use soft materials to realistically represent flexible gum tissue and hard materials for teeth and bone, all in accurate color.

    Versatile material selection - build nearly any type of dental model including: orthodontic, crown and bridge, implant models with gingiva mask, surgical guides and casting patterns for partial dentures.

    Ultra-fine build layers provide the precision needed for highly accurate models and appliances.  Smooth surfaces give patients more comfortable and precise denture try-ins and partials.

    Soluble support - Use hands-free support material removal to increase productivity.

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    Objet260/500 Dental Selection 3D Printer

    Versatile Material Options


    VeroDent (MED670), a natural peach-tone material offering high-quality detail, strength and durability.

    VeroDentPlus (MED690), a dark beige material that creates amazingly fine features and finish, and offers excellent strength, accuracy and durability.

    VeroGlaze (MED620), an opaque material with A2 shading designed to provide the best color match in the industry. Ideal for veneer try-ins and diagnostic wax-ups, VeroGlaze is medically approved for temporary in-mouth placement, up to 24 hours.

    Clear Bio-compatible (MED610), can produce orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays and surgical guides for temporary in-mouth placement.

    Additional model materials include:

    • VeroWhite
    • VeroMagenta
    • TangoPlus
    • TangoBlackPlus
    • Digital Materials to reproduce a range of gum-like textures and natural tooth shades

    Support materials include:

    • SUP706 (soluble)
    • SUP705 (WaterJet removable)

    3D printed dental mold

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