Two men happily evaluate a 3D printed threaded jar.


Get the most out of 3D printing

Stratasys 3D Printing experts love to help you optimize the quality of your prototypes and parts, and maximize the throughput of your Stratasys 3D Printer.

Many customers invest in 3D printing for one application, then realize the technology has many more uses. Expert training in PolyJet and FDM Technology can help you expand the value of 3D printing beyond basic applications. You might be surprised at what 3D printing can do.

Productivity and Business Growth for RP Managers and Operators - OBJ-TR401

Rapid prototyping is all about providing the best solutions to your clients on time and under budget. This course can help you, as an RP manager, operator or owner of Stratasys 3D printing systems, improve productivity and reduce total cost of 3D printer ownership.

Prerequisite: at least half a year of practical experience with an Stratasys 3D Printer

Duration: 1 day

Course fee: Contact your Stratasys regional office/representative.

Space in this course is limited.

Workshop objectives include learning:

  • To become familiar with Stratasys printing materials
  • To improve 3D printer performance
  • About advanced applications and tools
  • About Stratasys customer support services

Workshop topics will include:

  • New materials
  • Customer support services and maintenance tips
  • Application tools

Workshop plan:

  • Overview of 3D printing materials
  • Stratasys service concepts
  • Industry-specific applications for 3D printing
  • Open discussion on:
  • Future requirements (products, commercial terms)
  • Experiences and practices
  • Questions and answers