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Fortus Operations Level 2 (380mc/450mc)

This course is restricted to customers, owners and operators of the Fortus 380mc and 450mc 3D Production Systems.

This course provides 3D printing work methods to help you in your daily tasks. The course aims to help you increase your 3D printer’s performance, take advantage of its capabilities and consistently print quality models.

You will learn operational procedures, basic 3D printing techniques and best practices for maintaining your Fortus 380mc or 450mc 3D Production Systems.

The workshop includes lectures and hands-on sessions.

Workshop objectives include learning to:

  • Improve printer performance
  • Perform ongoing maintenance to ensure proper operation of your Fortus system
  • Implement basic 3D printing techniques
  • Troubleshoot malfunctions

Workshop topics include:

  • A basic understanding of how FDM Technology works and how to manipulate parts with Insight software
  • An understanding of how to process parts and make edits to optimize printing
  • An overview of many Insight software features and capabilities
  • How to change tips and calibrate your Fortus system
  • Basic machine troubleshooting
  • Most-used finishing techniques

Prerequisite: Some experience with Insight and Fortus 3D Production Systems

Duration: 3 days (Tuesday-Thursday, both maintenance and application)

Course fee: Contact your Stratasys regional office/representative. Space in this course is limited.

Scheduled courses (North America):

  • 19-21 April: Eden Prairie, MN
  • 7-9 June: Eden Prairie, MN

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