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As part of our goal to continue improving Stratasys responsiveness and commitment to end-users and resellers we are proud to present:


Advanced Connex 3 for Operators: OBJ-TR910

This course is for owners, designers, RP managers and operators.

This course provides you with advanced material and application training to enhance advantage of your 3D printer's capabilities and consistently print quality models. You will learn applications post-processes, pre-printing consideration, best practices for printing, creating great colored models and models finishing experience skills.

Prerequisite: at least 6 months' practical experience with Stratasys Connex3 3D printing systems


  • 1 day on-site during warranty period
  • 1 day at Stratasys regional offices or local representative offices

Course fee:

  • Warranty period - Free of Charge
  • Post warranty - please contact Stratasys regional offices or local representative offices

Course objectives include learning to:

  • Implement advanced 3D printing techniques and post processing
  • Acquire adv. Application capabilities
  • Choose the right digital material
  • Choose the right color from our variety of palettes

Course topics include:

  • Pre-printing considerations and tips
  • Best practices for using new materials
  • STL correction
  • Post-printing processes
  • Industry-specific case studies
  • Examples of 3D printing applications
  • Printing exercises to learn more about using Digital Materials and PolyJet color materials

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