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Asia-Pacific News

Oct 25, 2016 | Issue No. 9

Next-gen 3D Demonstrators Break Barriers in Part Performance and Production Efficiency

The future of 3D printing isn’t about making the same parts in another way.

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Aug 31, 2016 | Issue No. 8

Stratasys Asia Pacific 3D Printing Forum 2016

Themed “Exploring New Design and Manufacturing Solutions”, the forum offers 3D printing workshops in key industries and technologies, including automotive, consumer electronics, education.

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May 31, 2016 | Issue No. 7

Stratasys Invents 3D Printing. Again.

Providing a breakthrough in the realism of 3D printed prototypes with the ability to build in full color and a broad range of material properties...

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December 17, 2015 | Issue No. 6

Industry Advocate Spoke at Stratasys Asia Pacific 3D Printing Forum

Following the success of the first forum last year, the 3D Printing forum took attendees into a deep dive around advanced applications such as direct digital manufacturing (DDM) and industry-specific solutions that redefine the manufacturing landscape.

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Jul 2015, 2015 | Issue No. 5

Unveiling the Winning Formula of 3D Printed Car Accessories for Daihatsu’s Copen

Ever dreamed of a personalized car? Now it is possible, you can DIY your own car in a short time with 3D printing!

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April 24, 2015 | Issue No. 4

Introducing New Members to the Stratasys Product Portfolio

Upgraded 3D Printing System and high-volume filament package were introduced in April, brining enhanced versatility, Speed and unattended run time to the Stratasys 3D Printing Portfolio.

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December 11, 2014 | Issue No. 3

Introducing 11 New High-Performance 3D Printing Products

11 high-performance 3D printers and materials were recently launched to help our customers improve their competitiveness and deliver high-end prototypes, production aids and manufactured parts with greater ease, speed and efficiency.

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September 25, 2014 | Issue No. 2

The use of multi-material 3D printing technology Stratasys dress Robocop

U.S. special effects studio Legacy Effects uses Stratasys multi-material 3D printing solutions for this year's Hollywood screen masterwork Robocop produce ultra-stylish armor.

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May 27, 2014 | Issue No. 1

The World’s First Color Multi-material 3D Printer Was Launched in Asia-Pacific & Japan

Objet500 Connex3 3D ​​printer incorporates three basic liquid photopolymer materials, a unique triple-injection technology, to be a good tool for product design. Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato in the Asia-Pacific conference on this trip, the first public demonstration using the new color materials completed "Stratasys 2014 Annual accessories".

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