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Great Technology, Great People

At Stratasys, amazing technology is only half the story. Our talented and passionate employees are behind the 3D printers, materials and communities that are changing the world.

Careers in Israel

Stratasys Mission

Our mission is to provide design and manufacturing professionals with innovative, cost-effective and environmentally safe in-office 3D printing, 3D production, and manufacturing services that accelerate their products to market.

Stratasys in Israel

Objet was established in Israel in 1998 as a 3D printing company focused on PolyJet technology. In 2012, Objet and U.S.-based Stratasys merged to form Stratasys Ltd., with headquarters in Rehovot, Israel, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Today Stratasys in Israel is composed of corporate offices in Rehovot and a 3D printing materials manufacturing facility in Kiryat Gat.

Corporate Vision

Our vision is to continue to expand our business, market share, and global position three ways: market development from manufacturing services, consistent growth in low-price 3D printers, and strategic growth in direct digital manufacturing with our 3D production systems and applications.

Our Culture

Stratasys rewards initiative and emphasizes learning. And our team approach encourages individuality while providing vital support.

3Cs - Cooperation, Creativity, CommitmentCooperation: We are dedicated to honest communication that creates clear expectations, fostering trust and teamwork.

Creativity: We value and reward innovative solutions through an open-minded environment that allows us to grow and enhance our business.

Commitment: We are committed to treating our internal and external customers with respect in a fair working environment while providing high-quality, customer-driven solutions.


Rehovot, Israel

Eden Prairie, Minnesota,

Number of employees in Israel: 400
Number of employees worldwide: 1100
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