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Learning Just Got Real

With Stratasys 3D printing solutions as your education partner, students develop real-world skills aided by resources that inspire, and support that keeps you running. For us, the most exciting part of 3D printing is seeing what students make of themselves.

An Illustrated Introduction to 3D Printing

Learn the foundations of 3D printing, where it started and where it’s going.

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Learn About 3D Printing Solutions

This “3D Printing Solutions” research guide provides you with technology and material comparisons, hard-to-find answers about 3D printer pricing and total cost to own.

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3D Printing Now and Beyond

3D printing is shaping the future across more industries today than ever before. Discover 3D printing’s influence in redefining manufacturing, unleashing design creativity and minimizing lead time.

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The ultimate goal of every researcher is to advance their field of study. Research councils are looking to fund projects that span multiple disciplines. Creating prototypes to illustrate your findings in vivid detail with realistic 3D models leaves a lasting–and potentially valuable–impression. And that’s just one example of how 3D printing is advancing the field of research.

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Colleges & Universities

What does it take to attract the best students and staff in higher education? Offering cutting edge technology helps. Providing a mix of 3D printers allows students to gain critical academic experience, creates cross-departmental collaboration and even fosters student entrepreneurship. Solutions from Stratasys generate genuine excitement and problem-solving capabilities that can galvanize an entire campus.

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Technical Schools

Over the next decade, experts predict a shortage of skilled workers in manufacturing could lead to over 2 million unfilled jobs. Globally, manufacturers are counting on technical schools to develop programs that attract and retain talented students, and prepare them to work in advanced technology sectors that use knowledge far beyond what was required a generation ago.

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Grades 9-12

Career readiness and college prep go hand-in-hand. Exposure to 3D printing develops the problem-solving skills necessary to tackle the more challenging work still to come after graduation. Navigating the entire design cycle gives high school students a concrete example of the need for critical and analytical skills required for success.

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Grades K-8

Engagement is a proven predictor of student success. Give students hands-on, real-world projects and concepts leap off the page and into their hands. 3D printing inspires interest in STEAM subjects with a project-based strategic learning approach that really resonates.

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ACTE Career Tech Vision

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2017 Winners

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Innovate Research Using 3D Printing

Speed with accuracy in mind

The Wollongong-based Intelligent Polymer Research Institute uses 3D printing to facilitate research projects that advance technology, cost-effectively.

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3D Printing Solutions for Education

Focus on learning, not logistics

Stratasys education packages make incorporating 3D printers into schools more viable and affordable. They include resource materials and critical printer support.

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