1-2-3 Production

One platform. Two new systems. Three amazing multi-material 3D printers to help you speed new products to market. Start exploring new possibilities to create realistic prototypes, ergonomic tooling and precise fixtures.

beater prototype built with a Connex1 beater prototype built with a Connex2 beater prototype built with a Connex3

Transparent material simulates standard clear plastics, lending a genuine look and feel to prototypes.

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VeroBlue and VeroBlackPlus materials create a smooth and realistic rendering of the final product. Connex1\'s triple-jetting capability means this mixer body and button cover can be produced in a single print job.

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In the production phase, VeroWhite provides a rigid base for this assembly fixture, while TangoBlack prevents parts from slipping. This fixture was produced in one print job.

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TangoBlack simulates standard rubbers and elastomers, and can be combined with another material on the Connex2 to achieve a range of Shore A values.

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With Connex2, you can combine a 2-component Digital Material, like Digital ABS, with another base material in the same print job.

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Digital ABS simulates standard ABS plastic, so it\'s great for assembly fixtures like this one, as well as for low-volume tooling. TangoBlack, 3D printed in the same job, keeps parts from slipping during assembly.

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The CYW (cyan, yellow, white) palette for Connex3 produced this intensely hued button cover.

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With Connex3, you can combine dozens of colors in a single model. This mixer body uses the same palette as the button cover, and the two parts were 3D printed in the same job.

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Digital ABS ivory simulates standard ABS plastic, so it\'s great for assembly fixtures like this one, as well as for low-volume tooling. A strong-but-flexible blend of Digital ABS with TangoBlack, 3D printed in the same job, keeps parts from slipping during assembly.

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3D Print Tooling and Prototypes in Three Materials

Rethink what’s possible on tight budgets and timelines. The new Objet500 Connex1 lets you combine up to three base materials in a single print job to generate multi-material tools and prototypes.

3D Print Tooling, Jigs and Fixtures With Digital Materials

Leap over hurdles from prototyping to production. The new Objet500 Connex2 offers precise multi-material printing with 2-component Digital Materials for tooling and prototypes that meet your precise requirements.

3D Print Hundreds of Materials for Maximum Versatility

Print stunning prototypes as easily as sturdy tooling, and put your most imaginative products on the fast track. The world’s only color multi-material 3D printer lets you print up to 82 distinct material properties in one print job for a range of colors, translucencies and hardnesses.

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3D Printing Applications

Take your 3D CAD designs from on-screen to in-hand with realistic 3D models. Test form, fit and function. Print assembly tools on the fly or manufacture small quantities of production parts. It’s all possible with Stratasys 3D Printers.

3D Printing in Industries

Consumer-product designers, automotive manufacturing engineers, dental labs and countless other professionals use Stratasys 3D Printers. Our technology is changing and accelerating design and manufacturing worldwide.

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3D Printing Roadshow 2014

In the new economy status quo is unacceptable. Customers demand more creativity and quality. Manufacturers demand more profitability and agility. Industrial grade 3D printing is here. Now. Achieve mass customization and reduce lead times and costs up to 90%. Register to attend one of our one-day roadshows and learn from industry leaders how to implement digital manufacturing to flourish in the new economy.

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Two halves of a 3D printed injection mold and resulting part

Injection Molding Prototypes

Injection molders: Low-volume production is fast and affordable when you 3D print molds in-house.

Gain certainty and agility by testing parts in production materials with your normal process.

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Curious about 3D printing? Wondering which 3D printing solution is right for your needs?

A local expert from our global network of partners is ready to personally welcome you to a 3D printed world.

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